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Top 10 Tips for Traveling With Golf Clubs to Make it Hassle-Free

Top 10 Tips for Traveling With Golf Clubs to Make it Hassle-Free

Golfing while on vacation can be one of the best ways to relax while still staying active. But how do you travel with your clubs? Read on to learn the top ten tips for traveling with golf clubs.

Vacation is about relaxation and escaping the real world. There is no better way to do that then by a friendly round of golf.

Did you know, golf has been shown to improve mental well being and reduce stress and anxiety, all while also giving you an excuse to enjoy the outdoors and company?

If you’re planning a trip, then you should definitely add golf to your itinerary. But, you may be wondering how exactly you can travel with your golf clubs.

Keep reading to learn the top 11 ways to make traveling with golf clubs an easy addition to your next vacation.

1. Ship Them Beforehand

While not the cheapest, shipping your golf clubs ahead of time is by far the easiest option for traveling with golf clubs.

There are many companies who provide golf club shipping services. Since these organizations specialize in shipping golf clubs, they handle your clubs will care and diligence. They are reliable and you won’t have to worry about your clubs getting lost, stolen, or thrown around.

You also won’t have to deal with lugging your clubs around as you travel to and from the airport.

Shipping may be more affordable than you think. Do the math to decide how much it will cost you to check your golf clubs. Remember, you will have to check them to and from your destination (so-double the cost). If your golf bag weighs more than the allowance, you may have to pay extra.

These are all reasons why shipping your clubs for an overseas trip is recommended. International trips require more connections and more opportunity for mishandling. For example, if you and your friends are planning on an Ireland golf package (see more here), skip the worry and the hassle and ship your clubs.

2. Choose Nonstop Whenever Possible

Connecting flights have the highest lost luggage rates. Bags can get misplaced or mishandled with moving from plane to plane and airport to airport. Play it safe and book a nonstop flight whenever possible.

Besides, nonstop flights offer an array of additional benefits when traveling. You don’t have to rush to your connection, you have more time to kick back and relax while in air, and you can get to your destination quicker.

3. Use a Durable Carrier

Golf clubs are not cheap and it takes time to master the game with specific clubs (especially that trusty old driver). Clubs should be treated and handled with care to avoid expensive replacements or repairs.

If you want your golf clubs to make it to and from your destination safely, then choose a golf carrier that has a hard shell and padding inside.

4. Add Personal Identification to the Bag

This should be a given. But, with all the chaos that goes into traveling, adding your ID to your bag can easily be forgotten.

If your bag has a place for a card, be sure to include a business card or paper with your information on it. Include your name, cell phone number, and email.

If you are not too keen on displaying your identification to the public, there are other ways you can make your bag identifiable. Adding bright color tape, string, or tassels to the bag are just some options.

5. Understand Your Airport’s Baggage Check Procedures and Regulations

Before you get to the airport, do your research. Understand the weight limits for checked bags and try and weigh your golf bag beforehand.

You’ll also want to find out how each airport transports your bag. Some airports place golf bags in the over-sized section while others check them as regular luggage. You will want to know where your bag is being placed so you know where to pick it up.

Once you know which category your bag will be in, research where exactly the pickup locations are at each airport. You will want to get to the baggage claim area as soon as possible after your flight to ensure your clubs are safe.

6. Add Golf Club Protection

If you don’t have a hard-shell golf travel bag, be sure to add a club protection device into your soft carrier when traveling with golf clubs.

A club protector is an aluminum stick that goes into your bag and helps keep your clubs straight and prevents movement. It is also a protector against bending the bag, which can lead to broken clubs. Essentially, a club protector adds extra vertical strength so that if the bag is dropped or hit, the clubs will not move, bend, or break.

Club protectors are very affordable, averaging around $29 online. There is really no reason not to have one, as they can be beneficial even when you’re just taking your clubs to the local course.

7. Stuff Your Bag

Another tip for extra protection is to stuff your golf bag with soft materials for extra support. It will further keep them from moving around and pad them upon impact.

You don’t have to use packing materials, either. Use your bag as extra storage and throw in your sweaters, jackets, and other soft materials you were planning on taking along. You can even use towels– you never know when you may need an extra golf towel while on the course.

8. Use Your Bag for Extra Storage

Along those same lines, you can use the extra pockets of your golf bag to store your travel necessities. Besides the normal golf essentials like golf balls, tees, and gloves, golf bags are great carriers for toiletries, chargers, and small clothing items.

Things you should never include in your golf bag are expensive electronics, money, wallets, and important identification materials.

If your bag is lost or stolen, you will essentially be stranded without these items. It won’t be a fun golf trip if you have no way to buy a round of golf (or beer).

9. Look for Airlines that Offer Free Checked Bags

Certain airlines will allow you to check one or even two bags for free. Since you’ll likely need at least one more bag beside your golf bag when traveling, finding an airline with this perk is a great way to save money and lessen the burden of travel costs.

Another tip is to try and only travel with your golf bag and a carry-on when possible. Most airlines allow one carry-on item for free. Check out more of our tips for traveling on a budget here.

10. Stay Calm

Just like when on the course, staying calm in stressful situations can make all the difference. If you ship your golf clubs and find they are not your destination when you arrive, don’t freak out.

Many times bags may be there but in a different area of the location. Other times, the clubs are still on their way. Luckily, shipping companies allow you to track your clubs at all times. You can calmly pull up the tracking information and talk to the venue about solutions.

In addition, if you find that your clubs have been lost during traveling, check with the golf course you will be visiting on how they may be able to accommodate you. Of course, you’ll do this after you file a claim with the airline or shipper that lost your bag.

You will find that most golf courses, resorts, and hotels will be happy to help you with your golf and luggage needs.

11. Add Wheels

Wheels make any type of luggage easier to transport. Golf bags are large and can be heavy and hard to carry. To make traveling with golf clubs easier, choose a golf travel bag with wheels.

You can find both hard cover or nylon golf travel bags with wheels online. Some models even rotate 350 degrees, making traveling with a golf bag through narrow and crowded spaces (think airports and parking lots) even easier.

Another option is to rent a small dolly at the airport. Most airports have dolly carts available for a small fee. You can also buy your own luggage cart. They are affordable and the standard size will fit a golf travel bag.

The Takeaway– Traveling with Golf Clubs Doesn’t Have to be Hard or Scary

It’s hard to completely have a peace of mind when traveling with golf clubs. After all, clubs are extremely important to most golfers and their game.

With these tips, though, you can take every precaution to make sure your clubs arrive safely and in one piece to and from your destination.

For more tips on traveling, sports, and adventure, check out more of our blog posts. Or if you’re looking for the best food and beer spots in your travel destination, we’ve got that covered, too.

Your Ride Based On Your Beer Choice

Your choice in beer says a lot about your personality. For example, someone who enjoys a hardy porter would most likely be bold and sophisticated. What people don’t know is that your choice in beer, based on popular opinion opposed to that of the IDG: Independent Drivers Guild in NY, helps dictates your car choice.

You don’t need to take a defensive driving course online to figure out which beer would represent your ideal car choice. You might be a professional in identifying types of beers, but you might not know what that says about your car. While we’re putting the two words together in the same sentence, it’s a good reminder to never drink and drive. Below we a guide to your ride based on your beer choice.


India Pale Ales are a hoppier style of beer. Popular amongst young millennials and members of garage bands, the IPA is a distinct choice. That’s why IPA drinkers will often associate themselves with driving a crossover. Everyone knows that hatchbacks are the hoppiest cars on the market.


The lager is among the most popular beers consumed by drinkers. Its light body is alluring, and the taste is even more so. If you’re drinking a lager, then you probably drive SUV. The SUV car class is one the most popular on the roads. You have the Escape, CR-V, and Cherokee all part of America’s favorite types of cars. The perfect representation of America’s favorite beer.


Stouts are dark beers with a high ABV made from roasted malts. They’re a popular choice for people who want to show their love for strong beers. That’s why you will see stout drinkers gravitate to pick-up trucks. Not because pick-up trucks represent strength, but because pick-up trucks can carry more malts to be roasted for their stouts. What we’re saying is that stouts are so good, you’ll want to make your own.


Ale is a sweeter and fruitier beer with a warm body. Drank by people who enjoy a full-body flavor and Vikings looking for battle, Ale is another popular beer choice among drinkers. If you’re drinking an ale, you’ll most likely be driving a sedan, such as a Ford Focus. Compact, fuel efficient vehicles equipped with smart technology is the perfect representation of a drink that’s sweeter in taste. That’s because sedans are sweet.

Wheat Beer

Wheat beers are made with, you guessed it, heavy wheat proportions. This results in a drink that’s consider a “white beer.” Its body is lighter and delicious – like a lager. Which is coincidentally why someone who drives a crossover. Crossovers are the lighter and delicious version of cars – like a SUV, but not quite.


Pilsners are a type of Pale Lager – also known as a blond lager. Its color can range from light to dark gold. That’s why Pilsner drinkers would drive a convertible car. Pilsners have light tastes and bitterness, which is exactly what you would get from driving a convertible around. They’re great, but the maintenance on those things will leave you feeling bitter.


Porters have a deep history with stouts. Porters tend to be not as strong as stouts – in fact, stouts were created because they were a stronger porter. That’s why people who drink a lot of porters are big fans of hybrid vehicles. They love the efficiency and gas mileage hybrid vehicles get, because they love the mileage they can get on series of delicious porters. You’re also saving the planet!

EIN: The Most Important Component Of Your New Business

An Employer Identification Number (EIN) is a unique number assigned by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Also referred to as a Federal Tax ID Number, it’s similar to a Social Security Number, and is used to identify a business. The best way to apply for a Federal Tax ID Number is online. The IRS EIN Tax ID website provides business owners with a simplified application process to increase accuracy to avoid rejection from the IRS.

An EIN and Your Business

Without an EIN, there would be several things that your business would not be able to do. This includes file and pay taxes, apply for business credit or loans, open a business bank account, have employees, or apply for certain business licenses. It is important to apply for an EIN as soon as you begin planning your business. By doing so, this ensures there are no delays in obtaining needed financing or appropriate licenses needed to begin operations.

Safe, Fast, and Simple

The fastest way to apply for an Estate Tax ID Number is online via the IRS EIN Tax ID website. On the IRS EIN Tax ID website, there are only three simple steps to complete. First, choose the type of entity you are applying for, such as Limited Liability Company (LLC), Partnership, or Corporation. Next, enter all the needed information on the easy secure application. Lastly, submit the application. You will receive your EIN number within the next hour via your email address. However, there may be a slight delay to the next business day when applying after hours.

The application center at the IRS EIN Tax ID website is available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day and does not shut down, unlike the IRS website. Friendly and knowledgeable Gov’t Assist agents are available to help you in this process.

Why Are Logos Important for Your Travel Business?: 4 Reasons Why

Why Are Logos Important for Your Travel Business?: 4 Reasons Why

Your logo is the face of your travel business, no matter what your business focus is. That’s just one good reason to have a good logo. If you want an answer to the question, why are logos so important, then you’ve come to the right place. Here’s why you should have one for your business.

If you own a travel company, you may ask yourself: “Why are logos important?” After all, a logo has nothing to do with the quality of your services.

Well, don’t underestimate what a good logo can do for you. For example, what’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the name “Nike?” Chances are, it will be their signature Swoosh logo.

Now, did you know that this logo dates back to 1971? Carolyn Davidson, the woman who designed it, was paid a grand total of $35 for her work. About 12 years later, she also received a diamond Swoosh ring and a portion of Nike stock.

The point is, you shouldn’t overlook the importance of logo design. Here are 4 reasons why a well-designed logo will help your travel business.

1. Brand Identity

One of the main reasons Nike Swoosh was so successful is because it reflected its business.

This is a common thread for most good logos. For example, the Swirl logo includes a small swirl of frozen yogurt. The Little Minds Book Box has an owl on its logo, indicating wisdom and knowledge.

In other words, a quality logo will make it immediately obvious what your company does. Just by looking at it, potential consumers will know how you can benefit them. This helps prevent customer confusion.

2. Emotional Response

As you know, we’re not living in a monochromatic world.

What this means is that people are drawn to colors and interesting designs. This is a big reason why logos are important: when done well, they will provoke an emotional response.

In the travel industry, blue and green are a common pairing. They’re the colors of Earth, so most people associate them with boundless travel. If you want to check how they fit with what you already have, why not use Adobe’s free logo creator?

3. Brand Recognition

A good logo should distinguish you from your competitors.

Why does this matter? For starters, you don’t want your customers to confuse your logo with another, more popular one. All logos are trademarked, so this could land your business in hot water.

If your travel business is based on a specific location, you can make use of that. For example, why not implement the famous local landmarks in the logo? Some elements of the local culturecan also be a good fit.

4. Consumer Loyalty

When it comes to the importance of logos, we mustn’t forget the loyalty variable.

You see, consumers often get emotionally attached to their favorite brands. If you’re lucky, some loyal customers will even wear apparel with your logo on it. Needless to say, this is a great source of free advertising.

What does this tell us? Simple: once you’ve got a logo you’re happy with, don’t redesign it unless necessary. Many of your customers will take that as a sign of corporate change, which could affect their loyalty.

Conclusion: Why Are Logos Important?

As you can see, even simple questions like this one can have complex answers. Why are logos important? Because they help you establish your brand, connect with your audience, and communicate your message.

Interested in learning more about logo design? Want to get acquainted with the latest traveling trends? Take a look at our blog!

10 Italian Beers You Have to Try

10 Italian Beers You Have to Try

You love the food, attractions, and people of Italy. But have you tried the beer? If not, you’re truly missing out. Here are 10 delicious Italian beers you have to try before you die.

Italy is known for a great many things. The delicious food, the culture, and its people to start.

Most people know of these aspects and make vacations catering to each of them.

Craft beers are the hidden treasure trove of Italy. Not as well known as the food, but as deeply loved. There are so many to choose from that you’re bound to find a few new favorites to add to your list.

With so much choice before you, it can be difficult to know where to start. Why not start with the best?

These ten distinct Italian beers will keep you coming back for more.

1. Pink Pepper Italian Pale Ale (Almond 22)

With an attractive pink label, this beer catches your attention right away. It boasts the addition of pink peppercorns in its brew, but that’s not all it has going for it.

From the first swallow, you’ll love how refreshing this beer is. With flavors of lemongrass, salad greens, and rose, this beer brings ‘fresh’ to a whole new level.

Which it then elevates even higher with the genius addition of pink pepper. It would be a great beer without the pepper. But the pepper makes the flavors pop to life on your palette with interesting earthy tones.

This makes this ale rise to the top of Italian beer names that everyone should seek out to try one day.

2. B Space Invader Black IPA (Toccalmatto)

Even with a name that is certain to bring up the nostalgia of gaming the day away, this popular Italian beer is strong enough to stand on its own.

This black IPA is a dark crimson color, looking as velvety smooth as it feels when you consume it. The rich malt flavors mix together with a blend of tropical fruits. Passionfruit rises to the top to cut through the smoothness with a pop of brightness.

To finish it off, you’ll enjoy a nice taste of dark chocolate and mocha for a sensational experience.

3. BB Dexi (Barley)

This beer brings notes of fruit, nuts, and chocolate, all at the same time. It’s reminiscent of a trail mix, in all honesty. But it is so much more interesting than any ordinary trail mix.

Earthy and complex, the addition of orange peel gives this hearty beer the pop of bright citrus it needs to remain refreshing. It’s also filling, with a bread-like finish that feels as though you could live off it for days.

Of course, who would want to do that? This is Italy, after all.

Instead of bringing a trail mix to sustain you on a tour of Italy’s finest places, bring this beer instead. Don’t forget to view here to see more about the great tours available.

4. Quarta Runa (Montegioco)

Locally-grown peaches are the star with this brew. It’s both bright and spiced but balanced with every swig.

As you drink, you’ll recall memories of sweet pies made with summer fruits. There’s even a hint of vanilla to call back those memories even stronger. It’s a little tart but still retains notes of sweetness as it bubbles on your tongue.

It may not substitute a warm slice of pie, but it’s a close second.

5. Xyauyu Barrel (Baladin)

This popular Italian beer comes with a name that is hard to say but easy to remember.

With this syrupy delicacy, you’ll notice that it has no head when poured, leaving you to enjoy the beer as it is. It’s enriched with flavors of dates and caramel, the perfect companion after a nice meal.

After you’ve tasted it for the first time, you’ll be opting to go for this instead of a dessert.

6. Tosta (Pausa Cafe)

This beer has a long history of being brewed by inmates trying to get their lives back in order.

It has a high alcohol content but the intricate flavors aren’t lost behind that quality. You’ll get hints of grapes, molasses, and sweet roasted hazelnuts. It has a dry finish that leaves you wanting another swallow.

It lingers on your palate, a strong beer that makes a statement and is here to stay.

7. La Luna Rossa (Ducato)

A Frankenstein-like beer, La Luna Rossa is a mix of several different things blended together to make something exquisite.

If you’re a fan of cherries, this is the right choice for you. It’s sour and sweet, the notes of cherries coming through clear and strong along with some cinnamon and honey.

Even with bubbled carbonation to tickle your nose, it’s still a smooth drink that anyone can enjoy.

8. Verdi Imperial Stout (Ducato)

This stout beer boasts the inclusion of hot chilies to its intricate mix. This might turn some away, but the heat from those chilies is subtle and enticing, not overpowering or spicy.

It has a very roasted flavor, with spiced and warm notes that bring about ideas of autumn. Anise, cocoa, smoke, and coffee all have a part to play with this stout. But instead of losing those flavors, they each ring out on your tongue.

9. Lilith APA (Breton)

If you’re afraid of homesickness during your vacation abroad, this beer could be a great way to feel a little closer to home. Made with American hops, this beer has a tropical aroma that makes it way into the drink itself

It also has hints of caramel to smooth that brightness, striking a perfect balance between bitter and sweet. Seeking out this beer will always make you feel a bit more at ease in the new country.

10. Terre (Baladin)

This beer sits so still in your glass that you’d almost think it to be more a wine than anything else. Because of this, it makes for an interesting experience.

It has a strong grape flavor mixed together with aged raisins. Added to that are the earthy sweetness from maple and vanilla.

Because of its wine-like qualities, this beer makes for the perfect after-dinner choice. Sip away and enjoy the strange but intricate qualities of a beer that doesn’t quite feel like a beer.

Taste the Intricate Flavors of These Italian Beers Yourself

It’s possible that you might find some of these special craft Italian beers in a store somewhere nearby. But there’s something intimate and exciting about trying these beers fresh in their homeland.

Treat yourself to a vacation you can enjoy to the fullest. There are so many things to do and see in the beautiful country of Italy. Everyone should take a trip at least once.

And the greatest thing of all? These great Italian beer brands will be waiting for you.


Before you go, take a look at some hidden gems of the Italian countryside you don’t want to miss!